Current League Challenge


Resource depletion
While it may seem like Guyana has an unlimited number of natural resources such as trees, fruits, and minerals, all of these resources can and will run out eventually. However, if we make sure to take care of these they will be able to last for decades to come. You challenge this week is to create a animated story that shows what resources guyana has and how best you and your friends can keep them from disappearing. You may have to do a little research for this challenge, but don’t worry.




Belladrum STEM club

Scratch Challenge – Fossil fuel constraints – Due 6/1/2018
Many of the chemicals and machines that humans use run on gasoline. Gasoline is a fossil fuel. That means that it was made from the remains of living creatures. However, fossil fuels will soon be depleted. Many scientist have developed other forms of generating power, such as, solar energy, wind energy, and hydro (water) energy. Your challenge this week is to research one of the three listed fossil fuel alternatives and then create a diagram that shows how Guyana can use this energy. Make sure to include: who is using the energy, what is creating the energy, where the energy is being created, and how the energy will be distributed to the people.

Lusignan-Good Hope STEM club

Robotics Challenge – Due 5/22/2018

In many communities in Guyana, garbage management continues to be an ongoing problem.  We are challenging you to research garbage management; collection, sorting, disposal, etc and using the Lego Mindstorm EV3 kit, design a robot that reflects some improvement in any part of that system.  Only one kit should be used per team.  We advise you to research the topic, review the effects of a poor garbage disposal system, discuss and design a robot of your choosing.  [You may take ideas from designs that are available online], work with your team to create your robot.  Robot can be autonomous or controlled with remote control or your cell phone.
Your robot for the garbage challenge may represent any part of the garbage system;
A vehicle
A sorting system
A garbage pick up and dump process, etc
You may use external objects to represent trash, trash bins, etc
Scratch Challenge – Due date extended for new teams [due 5/18/2018]
Recently you may have seen waves crashing over the sea wall more violently, or it may have rained harder and more often than usual. This is because of climate change. Climate change is defined as a change in typical global weather patterns over a long period of time. This week yourchallenge is to identify an issue climate change creates (i.e. rising sea levels, droughts, hurricanes, etc.) and create an animation [using MIT Scratch] that shows the effect of your chosen issue. Propose a solution to that problem. Video must be one minute or less